Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mobile phone

The weather was lovely yesterday afternoon and it really felt like Spring. We went to Doetinchem on our bikes to pick up a photo album I made online. I still always prefer to have a version that is handy too, so besides a digital photo album I always order a paper version too. And my it did look nice. It seems as if the quality of these albums are getting better all the time.

Today we are in for another stressfull day as our eldest son has bought himself this mobile phone several weeks ago and only a little later he noticed that it didn't load 100% so he took it back to the shop twice and they couldn't make it. In the end they had to send it back to the factory and they told him that would take 2 weeks. Well in the meantime we are nearly 4 weeks further in time and he still hasn't got his phone back. Well it doesn't matter that it takes longer but why don't they say so from the beginning. It is better to say it will take 6 weeks and then call after 4 weeks that it is ready then this way round.

Besides that everytime we call to ask how much longer it will take they say: "It will surely return from the factory this week and after we check it we'll call!". So far they didn't call and as long as they don't call he will be running up and down the house (driving me mad) hardly being able to wait for that phone call so that he can jump on his bike to go to Doetinchem to pick up his phone!! Hope for him (and for me) that they will call today, but ...............

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Ik hoop het voor je