Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few days ago our son (10 years old) all of a sudden said he did the lovemeter test on kidsplanet and filled it with our names. The test said our names did not match and because of that we were much too different so according to the test we should split up and go and look for someone else with another name.

So I did the test myself and the result was as he said. Here is the result of that test:
Your name: Carin
Name boyfriend: Luuk
Matching: 45%

25-50% Mmmmm... It was or is maybe fun together, but your loveparty won't last long. You are much too different and both of you like complete different things. It is better to go and find someone else with a completely different name!

Of course this result is a little strange as we have been married for nearly 17 years and are still very happy with each other. So I did the test again with our real names which our son doesn't know as we never use these names. Well the result was definitely much better.

Your name: Anna
Name boyfriend: Lucas
Matching: 63%

50-75% There is a big chance that you will stay together! Your love is very strong and you have lots of fun together! It is still a question whether you are the right one for each other... Anyway you will have terrific fun for a very long time and one thing is sure: friends you will remain forever!!!

At least this test proves that we do match and so far we did stay together for a long time and are intending to stay together much longer!


Sabine said...

Hey, I just did the test... I can't read the result, but as it's the same as yours, I already have the translation. - George and I are a 66% match! :)

Anonymous said...

Wij moeten die test ook maar eens doen.ADREG