Monday, February 19, 2007


Helau must be a carnival yell in Germany for I heard it many times this afternoon. The boys wanted to go to Bocholt to see the carnival procession there. As I didn't have anything better to do (not really) I said OK and so I went with them to Bocholt.

The carnival procession in Bocholt takes about 2 hours to pass by and all the time you see these cars passing by with dressed up people in it throwing all kinds of things (mostly sweets) into the public. And if you see what happens then........ well I must say I feel ashamed! We live in a country were a lot of people have too much weight and the same goes for our neighbour country Germany. Besides that there is no hunger and most people can buy whatever they want. However this afternoon I realised once again how greedy many people are. It was also hilarious in a way to see a lot of people crouching down to pick up the sweets and other stuff that was thrown on the ground by the people in the procession cars. It looked so greedy! OK if the kids do it but there were many grownups doing the same, as if we are not able to buy these things.
Kids and grownups even approached the cars to hold up open bags so that sweets or other stuff could be thrown straight into the bags.

Well I must say we had a good laugh over all of it on our way home. And no we didn't take back bags full of goodies but just a little bag with sweets that were mostly gone by the time we arrived home!

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De jongens hadden de zakken zeker ook vol of niet?Mam