Friday, February 02, 2007


This week it certainly made us feel that Spring is approaching. On Monday the weather was just wonderful: nice and sunny!

The flower shops are filled with bulbs at the moment and though it feels that it is yet too early in the season to buy bulbs my cyberfriend Wade made me decide to buy some anyway. For even though in his country the weather is much colder and darker he already had daffodils flowering at home and they did give a good impression of things to come. That and the good weather we have been having made me put bulbs outside and inside our house. These pictures give a small impression.

Now the waiting starts for them to flower. Though I must say I also like seeing the bulbs slowly starting to flower. Inside the bulb always flower very fast and in fact for me a little too quick. That's why I put some outside also, to enjoy them a little longer. Oh this is a lovely time of year!

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Anonymous said...

Mooie bolletjes mijn bak met violen staat ook heel mooi