Saturday, February 03, 2007


Again we had a wonderful day with lots of sun. The boys were able to play a friendly football match this morning and it was a delight to go and watch them especially with the sun shining warm on our backs. For the boys this was the first match they played this year and they won with 5-3.

In the afternoon I went shopping with our daughter in Bocholt (Germany) and I must say it was rather busy. Guess the good weather made people want to go outside. Well we enjoyed ourselves strolling through town and doing a little shopping. We also enjoyed a cappuccino and a coke. To go with it we decided to go for a cherry crumble. Mmmmm delicious.

On the way home we saw this lovely sunset and I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me. A whole sun going down slowly in a sky with just a few clouds. WOW.

Hope tomorrow will be just as nice.

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Anonymous said...

Dat had ik ook wel lekker gevonden .Liefs Mam