Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rain, rain and even more rain

Is this weather forecast supposed to make me happy??? Looking outside makes me feel even more depressed!! So dark and where on earth does all that water come from?? and there is still more to come if I have to believe the weather forecast.

My how I hate this kind of weather and that on my day off. Well you know what I am going to do: switch on all the lights to make it look bright and then uhum I think it is a good day to do some cleaning of the house (not my hobby either). So I can't promise to be feeling much better by the end of this day.

Always look on the bright side of life, so I'll put some good music on while going around the house and perhaps it will make me forget the rain outside!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A river in the dessert

WOW, I just finished reading this book "A river in the dessert" and it really touched me. The 310 page's of this book were devoured by me before I even knew it. It kept me spellbound for a few hours and that was a delight for so I didn't notice all the rain that came down in the meantime. It is a pity that the book is not translated in English, as far as I know, so if you can't read in Dutch you will never get through it ........

The book is about a girl who gets terribly burned in the face and parts of her body. Her boyfriend cannot bear to be close to her anymore and gets a relation with her sister. So she decides to leave home and start a new life elsewhere. There she lives a very secluded life but via internet she gets into contact with a very nice chap. And as you can imagine everything turns OK in the end. It really touched me because it makes you realise what a moment can do to change your life forever! The girl in the book had to go through many operations and had to overcome many difficult situations. She did well but had a very hard time to get there.

Well have to run now as I am returning this book to the library and picking up a new book: Going home by Harriet Evans. (Thanks for the tip Katrin.)

To get there I am going by bike to get my much needed exercise...........

Good thing it stopped raining a little while ago.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Aurora Theater, Gozo

While surfing the internet yesterday I came across an internet address of the Aurora theater and I asked for some pictures of the inside and just now I got these pictures. Thank you Matthew Sultana for mailing them to me so quickly.

Like Sabine let me know the Aurora is now no longer used as a cinema but as a theater. Well here are the pictures I got today and though I don't recall the light on the ceiling the rest is as I remember it. As a cinema there was a screen where you see the stagecurtains on the above picture.

Now that I can show you these pictures you might understand why this was a lovely cinema and why a bare space with only rows of chairs can never appeal to me again.

Besides that it makes me really happy that this theater is being used as a theater again for it looks really great and it is a worthy theater. Matthew Sultana let me know that an operatic masterpiece - La Forza del Destino by Giuseppe Verdi - will be staged on Saturday, 13th October 2007.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spoiled forever!

This blogpost is about memories of long ago when I was spoiled forever by a lovely cinema!

Many years ago when my family lived on the sunny island of Gozo in the middle of the Mediterranean we used to go to the cinema every Sunday afternoon and so we saw all new films as soon as they were out. It cost so little that it didn't matter if you just entered, watched part of the film and just walked out again if you didn't like it. Later we just entered the disco downstairs after leaving the film.

What I want to blog about is the cinema in itself for this week I realised that those weekly visits (in winter) to that lovely cinema have really spoiled me forever. It is a pity I can't share photo's of the inside of that theater with you for it was wonderful inside. Perhaps my cyberfriend Sabine might go to the trouble and take some pictures of the inside if she has a chance. On my last visit to Gozo, a few years ago, I took my husband and children to the Aurora Theater and there was this kind man who opened the door upstairs and let me show them the place I spend so many Sunday afternoons watching all kind of films.

Now what triggered this post:
Our children still have these cinema vouchers they got for their last birthday and we have been looking at the program of the cinema here in town. This week there wasn't anything special on so they didn't go to see a movie. Besides that we looked at the programs of other cinema's too. All this looking brought back these memories of my time in Gozo and therefore this blogpost.

A few years ago they build this new cinema in Doetinchem and though it looks very modern on the outside, inside the cinema is very sober. There is not much to show of the inside for it is very plain but here are some pictures, that I found of the building itself on internet.

My time in Gozo has spoiled me forever concerning cinema's for though I still love watching a good movie I hardly ever go to the cinema in Doetinchem as it feels as if you are put inside a bare space with many rows of chairs.

Funny how you never treasure these kind of things when you have them but always later in life when you can't have them anymore and they have become fond memories.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Now that I have been able to stay a little longer in bed this past week I noticed that I didn't even hear those typical Spring sounds of chilping birds early in the morning. The problem is that there is this cock crowing at the break of dawn and he keeps on going with his kukeleku (cock-a-doodle-doo). In a way he is driving us nuts for he crows in the middle of the night even when it is not a bright moonlit night.

We noticed this rooster crowing for the first time around Christmas but then our next door neighbours had put a bright shining star in the chicken house and so we could understand the rooster being of beat. But right now that star is gone and still he crows in the middle of the night and early at dawn. He even crows out of tune!

Well I really hope they aren't keeping him as a domestic cock for then he will keep on crowing at all kinds of impossible hours and he will keep me from hearing those wonderful sounds that belong to this season.

All around the town
People are fast asleep
Sleeping men and women
Sleeping boys and girls
Here comes the cocky rooster
To sound his daily alarm
Wake up sleepy heads".

Friday, February 23, 2007

"New" look

See here my "new" look, not as hip as the virtual hairdresser made it but what to do with short gray hair?? Can't blame the trainee hairdresser for she did her best. And I must say it feels good and this model suits me well. Perhaps not as modern and young as I would have wanted but then perhaps I should opt for a wig next time. No that won't do either, much too sweaty...... and besides that I am happy as I am.

What look?

With Spring in the air I am in for a new look. But what look? So before going to the hairdresser I visited the virtual hairdresser on line to see what a different haircut does to me.

But now I have a problem for what shall I choose? Guess I'll let the hairdresser make a choice and tell her that I would like a haircut that is:

  • easy
  • young looking
  • sporty
  • not gray
  • wiry
  • suitable
  • nice

If you would like to visit the virtual hardresser click here. On the site of the online makeover click on Kies and go to the photo on your computer which you wish to use and upload it. After uploading your own photo click on Haarstyling (hairstyle) and Haarkleur (haircolour) and try whatever haircut and haircolour you like. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nothing much to blog about

Today I don't have much to blog about. Besides that the day is too nice to sit inside behind a computer so here is just a quick post.

Like I said the weather is really lovely so we are busy around the house. Clearing rubbish from the gutters, washing windows, sweeping, etc. etc. A perfect day for those chores and it feels really nice to be outside, so that's where I am going again as I want to do something in the garden.

Here are some pictures to show the daffodils are blooming bright and the violets look lovely in their basket on the fence.

For Laurie

Just in case you read this blog Laurie I am thinking of you today and will never forget your birthday!
So hope you are fine and enjoying a very nice 43th birthday!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mobile phone

The weather was lovely yesterday afternoon and it really felt like Spring. We went to Doetinchem on our bikes to pick up a photo album I made online. I still always prefer to have a version that is handy too, so besides a digital photo album I always order a paper version too. And my it did look nice. It seems as if the quality of these albums are getting better all the time.

Today we are in for another stressfull day as our eldest son has bought himself this mobile phone several weeks ago and only a little later he noticed that it didn't load 100% so he took it back to the shop twice and they couldn't make it. In the end they had to send it back to the factory and they told him that would take 2 weeks. Well in the meantime we are nearly 4 weeks further in time and he still hasn't got his phone back. Well it doesn't matter that it takes longer but why don't they say so from the beginning. It is better to say it will take 6 weeks and then call after 4 weeks that it is ready then this way round.

Besides that everytime we call to ask how much longer it will take they say: "It will surely return from the factory this week and after we check it we'll call!". So far they didn't call and as long as they don't call he will be running up and down the house (driving me mad) hardly being able to wait for that phone call so that he can jump on his bike to go to Doetinchem to pick up his phone!! Hope for him (and for me) that they will call today, but ...............

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A little more carnaval

This morning I was stuck inside the house because someone came to make our central heating system. Last week we noticed a leak and so we phoned the company where we bought the system. Someone came, had a look and made an appointment for this morning as it would take too long to make that same day. So here he is this morning and what better thing for me to do but surf over the internet and look around a little.

And so I found these photo's of our youngest at school doing the grandmother song I wrote about last week. Well they didn't get through to the finals but they had fun doing it.

Here is another picture of their whole class in carnival clothes.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Helau must be a carnival yell in Germany for I heard it many times this afternoon. The boys wanted to go to Bocholt to see the carnival procession there. As I didn't have anything better to do (not really) I said OK and so I went with them to Bocholt.

The carnival procession in Bocholt takes about 2 hours to pass by and all the time you see these cars passing by with dressed up people in it throwing all kinds of things (mostly sweets) into the public. And if you see what happens then........ well I must say I feel ashamed! We live in a country were a lot of people have too much weight and the same goes for our neighbour country Germany. Besides that there is no hunger and most people can buy whatever they want. However this afternoon I realised once again how greedy many people are. It was also hilarious in a way to see a lot of people crouching down to pick up the sweets and other stuff that was thrown on the ground by the people in the procession cars. It looked so greedy! OK if the kids do it but there were many grownups doing the same, as if we are not able to buy these things.
Kids and grownups even approached the cars to hold up open bags so that sweets or other stuff could be thrown straight into the bags.

Well I must say we had a good laugh over all of it on our way home. And no we didn't take back bags full of goodies but just a little bag with sweets that were mostly gone by the time we arrived home!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


We went to see the carnaval procession in Doetinchem yesterday afternoon. Here are some pictures to give you an impression.

The girls also enjoyed the carnaval party at school, here are some pictures to show. On the second picture you can see them dancing at the party. For more pictures see the schoolsite.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Start of a holiday week

Today is a good beginning of a holiday week. The sun is shining bright. The boys are slowly feeling better and coughing less. The weatherforecast for the coming week is good and the garden looks lovely with all these flowers blooming.

Yesterday the kids celebrated carnaval. Well we are not really a carnaval celebrating family but carnaval was celebrated at school. One went as a "punker" to school and the other went with her friend to an evening party at school from 21.30 till 24.00 hour and they went as "princesses". I did ask them where the dress was but this is how they wanted to go. The little tiara on their head had a light in it and was flashing all the time. Besides that they had glitters everywhere. The picture I took doesn't show them. They had great fun just dressing up so the party must have been a succes too.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Trips coming our way

After reading these books about Berlin I have always to wanted to visit Berlin and to see this city with my own eyes. So far we never made it. But now last week we finally booked a trip to Berlin in a few months time and we are really looking forward to going.

We shall be staying in a hotel in Potsdam and from there we shall take the public transport to Berlin. Since my parents visited Potsdam and they told me about Sanssouci I have wanted to see the parks and palaces of Sanssouci.
At the moment we are busy reading about Berlin and Potsdam and perhaps I should read the above books again. That wouldn't be a punishment at all as they are a good read.

Besides this trip we shall also be visiting Eurodisney this year. We have been to Eurodisney before but the kids hardly remember it and the youngest wasn't even born when we were there, so we thought that now would be good time to go again. They are 15 and 11 years old now and will enjoy Eurodisney very much.

If we have enough time we shall also go to Paris to show them the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Sacre Coeur.

As you can imagine we are looking forward to these trips that our coming our way.

Thursday, February 15, 2007



Just a short note to tell I am feeling quiet happy today for the sun is shining!
And after that rainy day we had yesterday today looks great.
Unfortunately I have to work the whooooooooooooole day!
But am also looking forward to a holidayweek, starting tomorrow afternoon!

Ik voel me ozo heppie,
zo heppie deze dag
en als je vraagt: wat heppie
als ik eens vragen mag,
dan zeg ik: hoe wat heppie,
wat heppik aan die vraag,
heppie nooit dat heppieje
dat ik hep vandaag?

I found the following poem in a poetry book of my daughter, it is in Dutch and it uses the word happy (heppie) in different meanings.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few days ago our son (10 years old) all of a sudden said he did the lovemeter test on kidsplanet and filled it with our names. The test said our names did not match and because of that we were much too different so according to the test we should split up and go and look for someone else with another name.

So I did the test myself and the result was as he said. Here is the result of that test:
Your name: Carin
Name boyfriend: Luuk
Matching: 45%

25-50% Mmmmm... It was or is maybe fun together, but your loveparty won't last long. You are much too different and both of you like complete different things. It is better to go and find someone else with a completely different name!

Of course this result is a little strange as we have been married for nearly 17 years and are still very happy with each other. So I did the test again with our real names which our son doesn't know as we never use these names. Well the result was definitely much better.

Your name: Anna
Name boyfriend: Lucas
Matching: 63%

50-75% There is a big chance that you will stay together! Your love is very strong and you have lots of fun together! It is still a question whether you are the right one for each other... Anyway you will have terrific fun for a very long time and one thing is sure: friends you will remain forever!!!

At least this test proves that we do match and so far we did stay together for a long time and are intending to stay together much longer!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rain and coughing

Well the snow is gone ....... and see what we get RAIN!!! Weather to get sick of and that's what happened for besides the rain most of us are coughing around this house and not feeling well at all. One of our boys is really driving us nuts for he coughs awfully and it even hurts me when he is coughing. At least he is not sleeping most of the time like he did the past 2 days but now the coughing is even worse. Hope for him that he will recover quickly.

So the best place to be is inside today. This morning I took a nice warm bath and enjoyed reading a good book. Well supposed to be good but I am having problems getting through this book (The Haj by Leon Uris) so it doesn't read very fast and in this case I guess writing goes much quicker. Sabine was wondering why writing does not go as fast as reading a good book but I am experiencing the opposite (not that I am good at writing a book).

Now I am going to watch TV for my parents went to Amsterdam to attend a program called Buitenhof and perhaps we shall see them on TV. After the program they are going to Bodies the Exhibition. Not my kind of stuff and I am really curious to know what my parents think of this exhibition. For sure they will not take their bodies for granted ever again after seeing every muscle and bone in the human body.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Pauline and George

Just in case you look in my blog, don't think I forgot your birthdays for I didn't. Every time I visit the toilet the birthday calendar hanging there will remind me of your birthdays on the 10th of February.

So here is to both of you!

Hope you both had a lovely birthday!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A little more snow

Here you see the crocusses in our backgarden just popping their heads above the snow. So much snow fell in just a few hours.

Surfing the internet I found some more pictures.

Here Santa was taken outside to enjoy the show because the person who took this picture felt sorry for Santa because it didn't snow like this at Christmas. Hope he enjoyed the snow today.

The person who took this picture was already thinking of Valentine's day. Very romantic, though a cold heart and difficult to keep till Valentine's day.
Typical Dutch.


Today we got a little bit of winter, bah!

Yesterday evening they put out a weather alarm for today to warn everybody to take care and to stay home if you don't have to go out. That's also because we live in a country where we don't have this kind of weather very often and so when it happens we are not really prepared for it. However with this new rule in Germany that you have to have wintertires on your car in this season there are quiet some people who have these tires on their car and they are definitely better of with this kind of weather.

As for us we don't have wintertires but my husband didn't have to work today and the kids and I normally go to school and work on our bicycle. After lunch at home this afternoon I decided to put on my charming snowboots and walk back to my work. On my way there I took these pictures to share a Dutch winterday with whoever visits to this blog.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Carnaval is approaching and so I noticed this afternoon, for all of a sudden there were three grandmothers in our backgarden and very acrobatic ones too!

This afternoon our son and his friends were very busy rehearsing a song for the playback show at school next Friday.

They are doing a song about a grandmother and so they thought it would be great to look like one. So they went to the shop and bought these masks.

And this is what they look like. Of course they had to show off an acrobatic act they are going to do during the show.