Monday, January 15, 2007

Time to say goodbye

A few posts ago I promised to share some photo's with you of our Wiz, not knowing that it would be my last musical with this group. Today I stopped as a volunteer with this group and I must say I am relieved because it cost me loads of time. On the other hand I am sad too for I really enjoyed being part of this fantastic group of people.
This is the theater were the musicals are performed and here you see an empty theater as this is the final rehearsal. Being part of the group I was able to attend all rehearsals and I really enjoyed seeing everybody putting the last bits and pieces into the right place.

The group always works with a life orchestra and I really liked watching and listening to their rehearsals. I will surely miss being able to do so.

The next pictures show only a tiny bit of our Wiz and I must say it was lovely. The colours, the lights, the music, etc. all just perfect and it was a delight to be part of this group.

Here you see Dorothy approaching the scarecrow who is being annoyed by several crows

Dorothy and the tin man

Dorothy and the lion

This is the whole cast of this musical. It was fun to be part of the group.

But the proverb says: there is a time to come and a time to go!

And this time it is goodbye!

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