Thursday, January 18, 2007


We are having very stormy weather today! And it isn't over yet. Rain and hard winds make it very, very stormy outside. In fact there is a weather alarm on, meaning that if you don't have to go outside you shouldn't.

A few days ago I imagined Spring to be coming early but right now it looks as if Autumn has returned. It is so dark outside! Due to this weather already many accidents have happened.
We are lucky for we don't live close to sea where the storm is at its worst!
Funny weather we are having as this is not at all normal for this time of year.
Just now I picked up the kids from school. Normally they come and go on their own but with this stormy weather we decided to play taxidriver!
As you can see on these pictures the best place to be is inside with a nice cup of tea!


Sabine said...

Northern Europe's bad weather is making the headlines even here in Malta! Hope you and your family are safe and sound - and that the real spring will soon knock on your doors!

Anonymous said...

Het is weer een mooi verhaal geworden .Liefs mam.

Wade said...

I sympathize with you Carin. We've had our share of bad weather here as well, but hopefully spring is just around the corner! Hang in there!