Saturday, January 20, 2007

Storm damage

With this stormy weather last Thursday a corner roof tile fell down from our roof and several tiles were loosened. Just after I placed my post here on Thursday the weather turned really awful and outside we couldn't see a thing just a large white fog filled with rain and a very hard wind going with it. The wind was howling around the house making us feel very uncomfortabel. And then all of a sudden we heard something falling very hard. When the weather had calmed down a little we went outside to have a look and saw that a roof tile had fallen down. Luckily it fell in the soil and so it didn't break.

Well anyway we were lucky on the whole for many trees fell on houses and that happened here in town also. The owners weren't even allowed to enter their house anymore and they had to find accomodation elsewhere. Also in the woods the storm has caused lots of damage and many woods and parks are closed to public.

Roads are also closed because of fallen trees and even traffic lights are not working anymore for the storm just turned them in the wrong direction or broke them down all together.

Well for us today was recovery day and a friendly next door neighbour wasn't afraid to climb up on the roof to put the tile back on, this time with lots of cement to keep it right in place.

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Wade said...

I know what that feels like. We've had storm after storm here, although it's been calm the last few days. Hang in there...Spring is a comin'!