Saturday, January 06, 2007

Skating in Doetinchem

This is the centre of Doetinchem. During this holiday season they made a large skating rink for everybody who wants to skate.

It is a pretty sight and many enjoy skating there for an hour or more. Now that the Dutch climate seems to be getting warmer and warmer a real ice rink is far away. Especially this winter the weather is still very warm and it doesn't look like we will get real winter temperatures. But you never know. Last year, all of a sudden we were able to skate on real ice and I must say it was fun. Won't tell you how I skate for guess you would probably laugh your head off.

Yesterday our son wanted to go skating so we went to Doetinchem and while we did some shopping he skated on this ice rink.

First he had to buy a ticket at the ticketboot. Besides the ticket he got a pair of skates which he could use.Here you see him enjoying himself very much. I must say he is a good skater and still knows very well how to do it. He fell a few times but was also able to make a quick turn on his skates.

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Ik heb hem niet gezien mam