Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Year Party

Yesterday I went to the new year party of my work. It was in a nice restaurant just outside Zeddam, not far from where we live.

We were welcomed by open air fires and inside we were awaited with champagne.

After wishing everybody a happy new year the warm/cold buffet was opened and there was enough to eat and drink for everybody. While sitting at the tables and chatting with your colleagues there was a magician walking around doing table magic. He was really wonderful. For example he would show you a packet of cards and let you choose one and then he would reshuffle the pack and then he would say: "Isn't that your card lying under that glass"? And yes it would be and you never even noticed him putting the card there.

He would also manage to take your watch from your puls without you ever realising him doing so. And while watching him do table magic he would come up with your watch somewhere. Well it was hilarious and quiet ununderstandable how he managed to do so. Guess it is the speed with which he shows you things. Well he was good for lots of laughter so everybody had fun.

When going home we all got a rucksack filled with things to eat. Thanks to the person who choose it. It was a lovely new year present!

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