Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just an impression

This afternoon we decided to go for a little bike ride to get a breath of fresh air and to have a look what damage the storm has caused in our area. The road we cycled along has been closed for two days to clear the road and to cut branches that hang dangerously over the road. We were lucky (not really) for we were caught by heavy wind and lots of rain just as we were half way up this road. We had front wind so it was very difficult to remain on the bike. In the end we were soaking wet and when we arrived home the kids laughed on seeing us! We looked like two drowned cats!

So here is just a small impression of what wind force over 10 can do to trees. We were even more impressed by the force of the storm!

Here we were soaking wet. The sun was shining again and it looked wonderful everywhere we looked but after taking these pictures the sky behind us was getting very dark again, so we cycled home very quickly!

We were lucky to reach our house before it started raining again! (Just in case you are thinking this is our house: NO it isn't!)

No storm damage here but just a nice picture.

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Anonymous said...

wat een heerlijk weer om op de fiets te stappen