Sunday, January 14, 2007

Early Spring?

Today I noticed the first signs of Spring in our garden for crocuses are already flowering. Wow, lovely sight for I adore Spring, in fact it is the favourite part of the year for me. But good grieve it did come early this year and hopefully it stays that way. Sorry to all those people that do like the winter season.

It is not that I don't like the seasons but I just don't like the winter season especially the coldness and the darkness that go with that part of the year. There are also some nice things that go with winter, like snow and ice and the fun that goes with that, but not too long. This year I really hope we won't be getting that stuff in March when Spring is really expected as I always look forward to enjoying the warmth of the sun on several days in March.

In the years I lived on Gozo I didn't miss the seasons for I never knew what I missed but after moving back to Holland I got to know and appreciate the seasons.
Here are some more pictures to show that it looks like Spring is approaching very early this year!
On the picture above you see snowdrops popping their heads above the ground. Funny that they are not flowering yet for normally they are the first bulbs to do so. On the right you see daffodils coming up.


Anonymous said...

Leuk hoor

Wade said...

Hi Carin! Good to see Spring arriving somwhere! LOL! My crocus are just out of the ground about a half inch...but it's a sign of things to come...eventually...I hope! Enjoy your warm weather...