Saturday, January 27, 2007


Today was a lovely day. The sun shone most of the day and the temperature was not too cold. So in the morning I worked outside in our garden and in the afternoon we took our bikes and went to do some shopping about 7 km from where we live.

That's where I saw this silicone baking form and as I had thrown away the old rusty one I decided to buy this silicone thing. Of course I wanted to try it out immediately so we bought some flour, eggs and butter. At home I started baking immediately and as it said on the box NON STICK I didn't grease the baking form.

Well the cake looked and smelled delicious but getting it out of this form was quiet a disaster for it stuck to the bottom. Finally I just tried peeling of the form but of course bits and pieces remained stuck to the form. So I guess I should have greased the form and that's what I shall do next time.

With a nice cup of coffee the cake did taste good anyway and it didn't look blueisch!

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