Monday, January 29, 2007


For several days now I have been trying to make a picture of a robin that seems to have settled somewhere in our garden for I see this bird very often on the birdfood table we placed outside. But the little bugger won't let me take it's picture!! Just now I tried again but not a bird to be seen on the picture.

So I looked him up on Wikipedia and this is exactly what he or she looks like. On Wikipedia it says that robins in continental Europe are more wary and I must say that certainly goes for this one. I am delighted that this robin visits our garden every now and then.

There are also many house sparrows in our garden and they are also difficult to take a picture of. Wikipedia was helpful here too and this is what they look like. In Holland the house sparrow is considered an endangered species, so we are quiet lucky to be living in an area where we still see many house sparrows. The house sparrows in our garden have their nest under the roof tiles of our neighbours house which is quiet old and so the construction of the roof is not as well done as that of newer houses where sparrows will find no space to build a nest.

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