Thursday, January 04, 2007

Angelina's Ghost

With the rainy weather we had today I was wondering what I could write about in my blog and as it didn't stop raining the whole day it wasn't easy.

But see here what the postman brought today: a late christmas present and such a lovely one!!

THANKS SABINE for sending this my way. You made my day today and I am very glad with Angelina's Ghost for though I read the preprint version it's always better to read the real book and wow it does look lovely with that picture of a narrow street in Victoria on the cover.

The real Gozo Plus looks fabulous too and good thing you made it possible to be printed again and to be dropped on every doorstep in Gozo. Very sophisticated magazine with interesting articles, a nice layout and sharp pictures. Thanks for sending that along too.

Good thing we bougth this lazy chair this week so that's were you will find me this evening !

For those of you reading this and wondering what I am rambling on about just click here for more information about Angelina's Ghost and click here for Gozo Plus.


Anonymous said...

Een mooie stoel je komt er toch wel steeds uit ?

Sabine said...

You're very welcome Carin - and I'm glad it arrived within a reasonable time (and didn't get lost...!)

Anonymous said...

Die stoel
Is toch niet alleen voor jou hoop ik !!!!!!!!