Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Wiz

Last Saturday we were lucky to get tickets to go to see the musical The Wiz in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. We went to see it with 60 people (members and volunteers) of the musical group that I am a volunteer for.

It was a delight to see this musical and we really enjoyed ourselves. As our group did this musical a few months ago we were very critical but still it was fun to see what another producer and of course more money makes of a musical. The music, the clothes, the lights, the scenery, the dancing and the acting. It all fitted perfectly and we enjoyed ourselves very much!

Though, having seen this professional Wiz, I must say I am still very proud of the way our group did this musical and not to boast but I enjoyed our Wiz more and found the way our producer made it nicer to see and hear. In one of my next posts I shall share some photo's of our musical with you.

Here you see our daughter in front of the Beatrix Theater looking at the photo's they placed outside to give an impression of the musical.

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