Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fireworks and oil balls

Old years day: the boys are busy with fireworks and I hate it!!! while they have been looking forward to it for weeks and are really glad that it is finally 31st December.

On old years day it has become a tradition that I bake the "oil balls" for our family. You can buy them everywhere but for us the homemade ones taste best!

So that's what I was doing an hour ago and here are some pictures to share with you. Mmm they taste good!

Everything is ready for the visitors to arrive. My parents are coming over for the evening to finish the old year together with us and to welcome the new year. We have been celebrating this evening together for many years. We don't do anything spectacular: we eat, drink, talk, play games, read, watch TV with all kinds of shows and then fireworks at 12 o'clock.

Have to go now. Wishing all of you a nice evening!

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Anonymous said...

Het was een gezellige avond .de oliebollen en kniepertjes waren heel lekker ook het eten een heerlijk recept bedankt LIEFS VAN MIJ JE MOEDER