Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Market

Yesterday the weather was nice and sunny so we went for a walk and walked over the Christmas market close to home. The first thing we came across was Santa's sleigh, so he must be around somewhere.
Here a christmas market means that shops are open and the rest is like a normal market. Lots of stalls selling all kinds of things. Because it was a christmas market you could buy all kind of christmas decorations. What surprised me though was that the music played weren't christmas songs for that would have given the whole thing a little christmas spirit. We did come across Santa though as he was also walking over the market.

The shops looked very nice with all kinds of christmas things.

On the whole there were many people having a look around so it was quiet crowded. The weather was lovely so it was a nice day to go and walk over this market. However it lacked a christmas feeling. I guess we have to go over to Germany for that for there you will find real christmas markets with gl├╝hwein etc.

They even placed a machine to get some snow and of course the kids really enjoyed playing with the fake snow and it gave a lovely picture.

On the way back home the christmas trees were waiting in the field to be sold and to be decorated for christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Het was weer een leuk verhaal .