Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5th December: Sinterklaas

Well Sinterklaas is over and Christmas is slowly approaching. Today we celebrated Sinterklaas at home by cooking on our Royal Gourmet in little pans on the table. The whole house smells of cooking right now.

After dinner we watched the musical film Oliver. I read the book a long time ago for English literature but this evening I realised I forgot most of the story.

The past few weeks have been busy with several party's, work, studying and all normal things. The weather is like Spring. Indeed it is much too hot for the time of year. Today it was 16 degrees C!!!

You won't hear me complaining though for I prefer these temperatures to winter and when I look at the photo's Wade placed on his site (about a week ago) and saw all the snow in his part of the world, I am so glad to be living in a country where we don't get so much snow. However these high temperatures now make me fear for winter and coldness in March when I will slowly start longing for Spring and Summer again. Time will tell.

Last Saturday we celebrated Sinterklaas at my parent's house with the whole family. Here you see him entering the house. Of course he didn't come alone for Zwarte Piet came along and they brought loads of presents and threw typical Sinterklaas sweets around the room.

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wat gezellig dat er weer iets te lezen is mam