Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well Saturday didn't bring anything exciting but just the normal stuff. The kids had to play badminton and football. While they were sporting I had the house to myself and did things around the house. They returned home towards the end of the morning and had won with the following scores: badminton 6-2 and football 9-1.

In the afternoon the boys went to the Shetland pony's that our youngest takes care of.

Here you can see that chicken are still under cover as Dutch authorities have ordered that everybody must keep their poultry indoors to prevent the country falling victim to a new infection of bird-flu.

My husband spend some time painting.

My daughter and I went shopping and see what we found.

They are not the first signs of the coming season as the shops are literally filled with all kinds of St. Nicolas goodies. Normally I buy these things as soon as the season has really started but today I made an exception as I bought this marzipan for Sabine who is on her way to London right now. Have a nice time in London Sabine and watch your post when you are back in Gozo.

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