Friday, November 03, 2006

On my way to work

It was a lovely morning today. It was cold but still the sun was shining and there were lovely things to see on my way to work.

This is the little path I cycle through several times a day coming from and going to my work.

These horses must have been wondering what I was doing for they really stared at me.

There was a little mist hanging over the river and the sun shone through it.

My son and his friend passed me on their way to school.

Just some roads I cycle along very often to and from my work and also when I go shopping.


Anonymous said...

zo zo

Anonymous said...

mist is fog

Carin said...

Thanks for letting me know but according to my dictionary mist is common in cold air above warmer water. The only difference between mist and fog is visibility. And it is called fog if the visibility is 1 km or less. Otherwise it is known as mist. So I guess the word mist is the right word in this context.