Friday, November 17, 2006


Missed me? Yeah I guess you did. Well I have been busy and haven't been feeling very well the last week. Besides that the weeks just seem to fly and before I know it, it is weekend again.

The week was filled with studying as I have to do an examination in a few weeks time and the closer it gets the more I need to study. Don't feel sorry for me, for it is my own choice and I don't mind learning new things. Indeed I enjoy it.

This week we, the musical group ( in which I help as a volunteer, have finally decided which musical the children shall do in July 2007. We are going to do Toffe Tommie Zorgenloos, a musical about Micky and Malou, two children roaming the streets of a busy city. Micky tries to survive by using his fists and Malou trusts her worries to her little dolls of which Toffe Tommie is her favourite. Tommie helps her to survive and finally how to find a way out.

The last musical we did with the children was The Pied Piper of Hamelin of which you can see several photo's here. We did the musical in February/March 2005 and our three children had a part in this musical. It was a great succes and the kids really did very well and enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately our three kids stopped with MPG after this musical.

Because I really like musicals and this group in particular I stayed on as a volunteer.

MPG, the musical group I help has three groups:
G-Sleuteltjes (8-14 years)
G-Mineur (12-16 years)
G-Majeur (>14 years)

G-Majeur is busy rehearsing for West Side Story at the moment. They will do WSS in the theater in October 2007. The last musical they did was The Wiz and here again I can say I really enjoyed the show and the songs. In a next post I will show you some pictures to give you an impression of our version of The Wiz.

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