Sunday, November 05, 2006


This morning we visited Bronkhorst, known as the smallest town of The Netherlands. The last time we were in Bronkhorst must have been in 1993 when friends of us got married and gave their weddingparty here.

In Bronkhorst you can find the Dickens Museum and this reminds me of the time I used to go to Secondary School in Malta and had to read Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol for English Literature.

Just outstide the Dickens Museum there is this well.

In Bronkhorst there are lots of little curiosity shops open on Sunday.

We walked through the little town and before we knew it we were on the otherside.

If you continue on this road you will arrive at the river IJssel where you can take a little ferry to go to the otherside of the river.

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Ook jij hebt mooie foto,s gemaakt doei