Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bread (1)

In Holland they call this the breadweek and this year they pay extra attention to breakfast. In this week 325.000 children of 1.500 primary schools join in the national school breakfast. My sons school is one of those schools so this morning he didn't eat at home but he had breakfast at school. Unfortunately parents weren't allowed to join in so I couldn't take some pictures to share with you.

As I like to bake I had a look in my cooking book with loads of bread recipes.

But later I used a bread mix as it is so much easier, you just have to add water.
As I love richly filled bread I decided to add all kinds of fruits to the mix.

And put everything in this machine.

Now the machine does the rest and hopefully it makes a delicious bread.
Later today I shall show you the result.

While outside I noticed these lovely flowers blooming in my neighbours garden.


Anonymous said...

Leuke foto's did you have no homework? grapje.


Anonymous said...

ik dacht wat luuk ook dacht wel heel leuk en goed gedaan je moet er maar op komen LIEFS

Carin said...

Luuk, don't worry, the house will be spick-and-span when you come home!