Saturday, October 28, 2006


For those who know me they might have expected something like this to come along.
Today I went through our house to take pictures of all those things that remind me of a time long ago when I used to live on a lovely island in the middle of the Mediteranean Sea called GOZO.

This painting shows the harbour of Gozo. Always my favourite view when returning home after spending a week at boarding school and later when I returned for a holiday.

Mary Help of Christians overlooks our staircase and watches over us.
The Salesian Sisters in Gozo gave us this picture when we got married in 1990.
When my parents first moved to Gozo in January 1975 I went to the Salesian Sisters' School in Ghasri (Laura Vicuna School).

One of my dear Maltese friends, who went to boarding school with me,
gave me this little statue of a Maltese woman wearing a faldetta.

Malta lace always reminds me of seeing Maltese women sitting outside their front doors working lace. It also reminds me of the family living across the road from where we lived (in Victoria). They made a lot of Maltese handcrafts and they thought me how to weave.
If you click here you can see my friend Alda weaving.

Malta stone

Malta glass

On the following picture you can see a Gozitan bus. In Gozo I hardly ever travelled by bus but I did travel by bus on Malta from the ferry to boarding school. What I shall never forget is that one day driving up a hill near St. Paul's Bay the bus had to stop because of traffic and started rolling back slowly. The busdriver yelled that somebody had to put a rock behind the wheels. So someone jumped out and quickly picked a rock from the side of the road and placed it behind a wheel. In that way the bus was able to pull up and move foreward again.

These books about Malta and Gozo can be found in my collection.

A recent book I read about Gozo is Angelina's Ghost and I really enjoyed reading it. It is not in my collection yet but whenever I go to Gozo for a holiday I shall surely buy it.


Sabine said...

thank you for the "plug" Carin! Who knows, maybe you don't have to wait till you come to Gozo...?! ;-)

berzy said...

I really enjoyed your special set of pics. Just lovely,