Sunday, October 29, 2006


Today we went to Emmerich, just across the German border from where we live. We walked along the Rhine promenade en enjoyed seeing boats with all kinds of cargoes passing by.

Here you see the Rhine Bridge in Emmerich
Being a major European river there is always a lot of traffic on the Rhine. We saw all kinds of boats passing by, coming from places in Holland (mostly Rotterdam) and going to places in Germany or even further into Europe. Of course there were also boats going down the Rhine on their way to Holland to deliver or pick up freight.

Here you see a boat filled with containers
This boat is filled with coal
Here the boats continue further up the Rhine into Germany or they can turn into the harbour of Emmerich.

The Rhine promenade

Before we went home we bought Deutsche brötchen to take back home with us.


Anonymous said...

wat was het weer goed

Carin said...

Klik de volgende keer maar op Other en vul een naam in. Vind ik veel leuker.

Anonymous said...

veel plezier op je werk .adreg