Friday, October 27, 2006


The weather was nice and sunny so we decided to go to Arnhem. Our youngest son really wanted to travel by train so we took the train.

We hardly ever travel by train so the ticket machine was a quiet new experience.

But of course we succeeded and got our tickets.

Here we are in Arnhem, these buildings overlook the trainstation.

Ah, that looks like a nice place to go and have a coffee.

It was delicious and this time I did eat the chocolate mushroom.
After relaxing a bit we walked into town.

Arnhem is red at the moment because Marco Borsato is giving several concerts
Symfonica in Rosso in Gelredome.

A flower kiosk, you see them at every street corner.

We finished the day with something typical Dutch (and his favourite food) before taking the train home.


Sabine said...

Great photos! Sometimes I wish we had that many different places to go. (Here we go again... the grass is always greener and all that!!)

Oh, and by the way, that's typical GERMAN food too! ;) Here in Gozo I still get strange looks when I order chips with mayonnaise!

Carin said...

Well that's just the reason why I wouldn't want to move back to Gozo, even though I love that place and envy you living there sometimes.